Over the past 40+ years, membrane treatment technology has grown increasingly sophisticated and the projects larger and more complex. To get the greatest construction, operational and cost efficiencies, owners need to ensure that every piece fits seamlessly and integrates flawlessly. That’s  where Harn R/O’s Design/Build expertise delivers knowledge, value and quality.The North Lee County, FL Retrofit and Expansion project Harn provided won the Design Build Institute of America’s Nation Award in 2013.

Our extensive experience in the Design/Build process for membrane treatment systems brings added value for your project due to our familiarity in effectively handling the issues and challenges unique to alternative procurement methods. Having a knowledgeable team leader direct your project can ensure any potential pitfalls are avoided and the anticipated benefits are fully realized. We assemble a team of engineers, contractors and specialized subs to provide comprehensive turn-key solutions - from permitting through construction and ongoing service - that delivers tangible benefits to you.



Here are some of the short and long term benefits you'll gain from the history, knowledge and expertise we bring to every project:

• We work faster, smarter and better because we know what we're doing at every step of the process.

• A dedicated team is assembled especially for your project and partners with you throughout the entire process. We identify your specific needs, develop innovative solutions and sidestep potential pitfalls and problems. Whenever possible, Harn utilizes local. knowledgeable team members to ensure continuity and efficiency.

• Our experience assures a greater certainty around cost.

• As a firm that employs professional engineers in multiple disciplines and is a licensed general contractor, Harn delivers added value throughout the process.

• Our in-house, full service staff includes design engineers, CAD operators and fabricators experienced in solving the most complex operational, mechanical and logistical issues within your system. This internal knowledge, experience and capability enables Harn to self-perform a large portion of the project, which historically has proven key to the success of design/build projects. Our in-house capabilities also create an efficient environment for managing and supervising sub-contractors.

• Greater cost, time and operational efficiencies throughout the design, fabrication and installation processes due to our experience and expertise.

• Once your plant is operational. our continuing service and involvement serve as a long-term cost management tool to protect your investment.

The following are Design-Build or alternatively procured projects Harn R/O has led or participated in:

  • Signal Hill, CA 2.5 MGD
  • Tarpon Springs, FL 6.4 MGD
  • Oden Water Association, Sandpoint, ID 1.3 MGD
  • City of Venice, FL 4.4 MGD
  • Macomb Retrofit, IL 0.9 MGD
  • North Lee Co. FL 10.0 MGD – won the Design Build Institute of America Nation Award 2013
  • Toluca Retrofit, IL 0.5 MGD
  • Lee Co. Pinewoods WTP, FL 5.3 MGD
  • Palm Coast WTP No. 2, FL 6.4 MGD
  • Florida Keys Aquaduct Authority Retrofit, FL 3.0 MGD
  • City of Sarasota Retrofit, FL 4.5 MGD
  • South Island Public Service District, Hilton Head, SC 1.5 MGD
  • Mount Pleasant Waterworks, SC 0.75 MGD


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