"As Assistant County Manager, Public Works, for Lee County, Florida it is my pleasure to recommend Ham R/O Systems, Inc. for their expel1ise and professionalism in the membrane treatment construction industry.

Ham R/O was the lead contractor on the Lee County Pinewoods Reverse Osmosis Water Plant Design-Build Expansion/Retrofit project completed in 2009. Ham's commendable performance on that project contributed to our confidence in selecting them as an integral part of the team chosen to perform the Progressive Design-Build North Lee County Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant Expansion project. That project recently won the 2012 Florida Design Build Institute of America Water/Wastewater Project of the Year Award. Both projects involved retrofitting existing water facilities, while maintaining production capacity. Both projects also involved key schedule commitments that were aggressive and challenging. Ham's experience and resourcefulness were invaluable. As a key part of the Design-Build team, they were involved with all phases of planning, design, construction and startup, and contributed value engineering input for both capital and life cycle cost savings. Their focus on quality and user-friendly membrane systems is much appreciated by the County operations staff.

Ham R/O's Julie Nemeth-Ham was the D-B team Project Manager for both projects. Ms. Nemeth-Ham and all of the Harn staff demonstrated proficiency and commitment throughout the project and continue to provide excellent service to the County. I would highly recommend Ham R/O for membrane treatment projects whether conventionally procured or as a key design-build team member."

Douglas L. Meurer, P.E.
Assistant County Manager, Public Works
Lee County, FL


“The whole concept of design/build for these types of projects is still in an emerging phase but Harn leads the field in its knowledge and expertise. They assembled the right team. They utilized the knowledge and experience of those involved in the original plant and supplemented it with their own expertise. They understood the complex needs of the project and came up with innovative solutions that were transparent in terms of our ability to deliver to our customers, especially when you’re dealing with a project of this complexity.”

Brian Matthews
City of Palm Coast, FL

“Reverse osmosis is a very specialized process, so we were looking for a partner that would be here today and tomorrow, especially given all of the mergers acquisitions in this field. Harn’s past clients were so overwhelmingly complimentary about the entire company’s commitment to its projects from start to finish and beyond. Its references demonstrated we would get not what we wanted but what we really needed. Their team was an integral part of the entire process, not just another vendor, and were always looking out for our concerns as the owner/operator.

Harn stands behind every nut and bolt of the system, maintaining a degree of integrity that is rare. Everyone is knowledgeable and professional, down to the guys who literally are turning the screws. If there’s an issue or even just a question, they’re on it. We are so pleased with their technical proficiency and professionalism that Ham is now retrofitting the system from a three-stage to a two-stage system, which was one of their initial recommendations in the bid process. That's a testament to our satisfaction as the owner/operator.“

Kelly Ferda
South Island Public Service District
Hilton Head, SC

"We have decreased power consumption by 25% due directly to the new system and gained 30% higher quality. As a result, we don′t need to run all three trains simultaneously. We couldn′t be more satisfied. Any issue that arose, Harn and the other team members solved. You can't ask for anything more, especially when you′re dealing with a project of this complexity." 

Javier Vargas
The City of Sarasota, FL

“Harn’s solution was not only innovative but it saved our utility a significant amount of money. The one-time capital expense for a unit that will run for 20 years or more cost less than it would to rent a temporary unit for six months. Plus, the unit could then be incorporated into our permanent installation. Harn’s knowledge, experience and commitment to quality delivered far more than just equipment for our plant. They were a partner in ensuring quality and service to our customers.”


Greg Hill
Mt. Pleasant Water Works.

"Many firms are just equipment builders but we knew we needed someone who had the experience and knowledge to see the larger picture. Harn had the capability both to deliver units to get the job done and to apply its expertise in the entire plant design so all systems and components were fully integrated. Harn helped design and build a facility that met the city’s immediate needs and enabled it to meet its future needs as well.”


Mike Pilutti
URS project engineer.