• Hilton Head, SC

    Hilton Head, SC

    The South Island Public Service District (SIPSD) in Hilton Head, SC, chose an innovative procurement process to carefully assemble a
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  • Mt. Pleasant, SC

    Mt. Pleasant, SC

    Mount Pleasant Waterworks in South Carolina, a private utility, was planning a plant expansion to better serve its customers when
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  • Lancaster, OH

    Lancaster, OH

    The City of Lancaster, Ohio realized it had to replace its aging ion exchange water treatment facility with a new
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  • Palm Coast, FL

    Palm Coast, FL

    The City of Palm Coast, FL, had built a water treatment facility for the future. Unfortunately, faster-than-expected growth, not unusual
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  • Sarasota, FL

    Sarasota, FL

    The City of Sarasota, FL needed to retrofit its sole water plant from the existing hollow fiber membrane reverse osmosis
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Membrane Water Treatment Systems Installation List


Spanish Lakes Mobile Home Park: Nokomis, FL
Capacity: 72,000 GPD
Sorrento Utilities: Osprey, FL
Capacity: 233,000 GPD


Florida Keys Aqueduct Auth.: Key Largo, FL
Capacity: 1,000,000 GPD
Westinghouse: Naples, FL
Capacity: 500,000 GPD


Lake Village Mobile Home Park: Laurel, FL
Capacity: 72,000 GPD
Folgers Coffee: Sherman, TX
Capacity: 288,000 GPD


Island Harbor Resorts: Palm Island, FL 
Capacity: 30,000 GPD
Hutchinson Technologies: Hutchinson, MN
Capacity: 75,000 GPD


Bryn Mawr Development: FT. Pierce, FL
Capacity: 193,000 GPD
Spanish Lakes Mobile Home Park: Laurel, FL
Capacity: 100,000 GPD


Beverage Canners Int. 150,000 GPD Miami, FL
Capacity: 150,000
Ridgecrest Mobile Home Park: Von Ormy, TX
Capacity: 30,000 GPD


City of Venice (redesign): Venice, FL
Capacity: 1,000,000 GPD
Seaside Utilities (seawater): Bocilla Island, FL
Capacity: 36,000 GPD


Precision Plating Industrial: Venice, FL
Capacity: 10,000 GPD
Hutchinson Tech. (ultra pure): Hutchinson, MN
Capacity: 10,000 GPD


Pfizer Pharm. (ultra pure): Terre Haute, IN
Capacity: 28,000 GPD
City of Venice: Venice, FL
Capacity: 2,000,000 GPD


Holiday Pines: Vero Beach, FL
Capacity: 183,000 GPD
Florida Steel Corporation: Baldwin, FL
Capacity: 180,000 GPD


Venice Gardens Utilities: Venice, FL
Capacity: 750,000 GPD
Gasparilla Island Water Assoc.: Gasparilla, FL
Capacity: 750,000 GPD


Ocracoke Sanitary District: Ocracoke, NC
Capacity: 260,000 GPD
Town of Hastings: Hastings, FL 
Capacity: 200,000 GPD


Ocean Towers Utilities I & II: Hutchinson Island, FL
Capacity: 120,000 GPD
West Basin Municipal Water: Torrence, CA
Capacity: 1,300,000 GPD


A.U.T.E.C: Andros Island, Bahamas 
Capacity: 80,000 GPD
City of Elmwood: Elmwood, IL
Capacity: 335,000 GPD


Sailfish Point Utility Corp.: Hutchinson Island, FL
Capacity: 350,000 GPD
Culpeper County, V.D.O.C.: Culpeper, VA 
Capacity: 225,000 GPD


Okeelanta Corp. (industry): Southbay, FL
Capacity: 640,000 GPD
Burnt Store Utilities:Burnt Store, FL
Capacity: 240,000 GPD


Princess Condominiums: Jensen Beach, FL
Capacity: 100,000 GPD
Hyde County: Hyde County, NC 
Capacity: 288,000 GPD


Denali Princess Lodge WTP: Fairbanks, AK
Capacity: 100,000 GOD
Mt. Pleasant Water Works: Mt. Pleasant, SC
Capacity: 667,000 GPD
Hawaii Engineering: Kapolei, Hawaii
Capacity: 57,000 GPD
Marco Island Utilities: Marco Island, FL
Capacity: 1,000,000 GPD


Town of Circle: Circle, MT
Capacity: 488,000 GPD
North Region - Dupage County: Itasca, IL
Capacity: 108,000 GPD


Grand Forks Trail Water Users: Grand Forks, ND
Capacity: 2,000,000 GPD
SE Morris Cty. Mun. Utility (uf): Morris County, NJ
Capacity: 500,000 GPD


Charlotte Harbor Water Assoc.: Port Charlotte, FL
Capacity: 290,000 GPD
Marco Island Utilities - rehab: Marco Island, FL
Capacity: 4,000,000 GPD


Collier County: Naples, FL
Capacity: 8,000,000 GPD
Marco Island Utilities: Marco Island, FL
Capacity: 2,000,000 GPD


Village of Odell: Odell, IL
Capacity: 170,000 GPD
Florida Keys Aquaduct Auth.: Marathon/stock is., Fl
Capacity: 6,000,000 GPD


Ocracoke Sanitary District: Ocracoke, NC
Capacity: 260,000 GPD
Asarco Hero 2-pass Industrial: Helena, MT
Capacity: 111,000 GPD


Kerry’s Bromeliad Nursery: Homestead, FL
Capacity: 100,000 GPD
Florida Governmental Utility: Naples, FL
Capacity: 250,000 GPD


Mount Pleasant Waterworks: Mount Pleasant, SC
Capacity: 750,000 GPD
South Island Public Service Dist.: Hilton Head, SC
Capacity: 1,500,000 GPD


Kiawah Island Utility Auth.: Kiawah Island, SC
Capacity: 500,000 GPD
City of Brimfield: Brimfield, IL
Capacity: 250,000 GPD


City of Aledo: Aledo, IL
Capacity: 648,000 GPD
Tyrrell County: Tyrrell County, NC
Capacity: 475,000 GPD


Camden County: Camden County, NC
Capacity: 720,000 GPD
Riverbend Resort (uf/ro): Labelle, FL
Capacity: 40,000 GPD


Lancaster: Lancaster, OH
Capacity: 8,000,000 GPD
City of Sarasota - Retrofit: Sarasota, FL
Capacity: 4,500,000 GPD


Mt. Pleasant Expansion: Mt. Pleasant, SC
Capacity: 432,000 GPD
Gasparilla Island Expansion: Boca Grand, FL
Capacity: 316,000 GPD


South Island Public Service Dist.: Hilton Head, SC
Capacity: 612,000 GPD
City of Kewanee: Kewanee, IL
Capacity: 3,427,000 GPD


Golden Gate Expansion: Naples, FL
Capacity: 250,560 GPD
Desoto County: Arcadia, FL
Capacity: 370,000 GPD


Tampa Bay Seawater Pilot Plant: Tampa, FL
Capacity: 50,000 GPD
Florida Keys Seawater Membrane Replacement: Stock Island, FL
Capacity: 3,000,000 GPD


ADC Seawater Pilot System: Port Hueneme, CA
Capacity: 80,000 GPD
Palm Coast Phase II - Exp: Palm Coast, FL
Capacity: 6,384,000 GPD


Dow Seawater Pilot System: Carlsbad, CA
Capacity: 50,400 GPD
Clay Rural Water, SD: Wynstone, SD
Capacity: 288,000 GPD


Riverside, Iowa: Riverside, IA
Capacity: 976,000 GPD
Hardinsburg: Hardinsburg, KY
Capacity: 1,600,000 GPD


Denali Princess Lodge: Denali, AK
Capacity: 100,000 GPD
Lee County nf/ro: Lee County, FL
Capacity: 5,300,000 GPD


Winterset: Winterset, IA
Capacity: 800,000 GPD
The Golf Club at Briar’s Creek: John’s Island, SC
Capacity: 500,000 GPD


Central Iowa Water Association: Waverly, IA
Capacity: 3,240,000 GPD
West Jefferson: West Jefferson, OH
Capacity: 668,000 GPD


Poweshiek: Poweshiek, IA
Capacity: 676,000 GPD
Jacksonville: Jacksonville, NC
Capacity: 8,000,000 GPD


Hartley: Hartley, IA
Capacity: 403,200 GPD
Atkins: Atkins, IA
Capacity: 576,000 GPD


Toluca: Toluca, IL
Capacity: 532,800 GPD
Hyde County: Engelhard, NC
Capacity: 432,000 GPD


Labelle: Labelle, FL
Capacity: 750,240 GPD
Harbor Branch: Fort Pierce, FL
Capacity: 66,000 GPD


Allegan: Allegan, MI
Capacity: 2,250,000 GPD
North Lee County: N. Fort Myers, FL
Capacity: 10,000,000 GPD


Ocracoke: Ocracoke, NC
Capacity: 362,880 GPD
Everest: Everest, KS
Capacity: 150,000 GPD


City of Macomb Retrofit: Macomb, IL
Capacity: 950,400 GPD
Pasquotank County: Elizabeth City, NC
Capacity: 2,000,000 GPD


Jordan Valley Water District: West Jordan, UT
Capacity: 6,000,000 GPD
Bogue Banks Water Corporation: Emerald Isle, NC
Capacity: 1,500,000 GPD


Tyrell County: Columbia, NC
Capacity: 432,000 GPD
City of Oldsmar: Oldsmar, FL
Capacity: 3,000,000 GPD


Saint Lucie Mobile Village: Indiantown, FL
Capacity: 151,200 GPD
Oden Water Association – uf retrofit: Sandpoint, ID
Capacity: 1,296,000 GPD


Douglas County Rwd #3: Tecumsah, KS
Capacity: 627,840 GPD
Clearwater R/O Plant #1 – exp.: Clearwater, FL
Capacity: 3,000,000 GPD


Southern Outer Banks wtp: Corolla, NC
Capacity: 750,000 GPD
City of Labelle: Labelle, FL
Capacity: 1,500,000 GPD


Key Colony Beach: Key Colony Beach, FL
Capacity: 100,000 GPD
City of Venice: Venice, FL
Capacity: 4,400,640 GPD


Bermuda Water Works: Bermuda
Capacity: 600,000 GPD
PWWSD #26: Strong City, KS
Capacity: 475,000 GPD


Tarpon Springs: Tarpon Springs, FL
Capacity: 6,402,240 GPD
Hills Municipal Water: Hills, IA
Capacity: 316,800 GPD


Town of Jupiter: Jupiter, FL
Capacity: 322,500 GPD
City of Rule: Rule, TX
Capacity:86,400 GPD


Grimes: GPD Grimes, IA
Capacity: 800,000

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