AdobeStockHarn R/O Systems, Inc. in-house projects are installed, started up, and tested under the supervision of in-house, experienced personnel.  Installation labor and supervision will be accomplished by the same senior technicians that were involved with the in-house fabrication and thus they are already familiar with the system and the requirements. The in-house staff remains involved with membrane cleaning and other follow-up services requested by the customer.

Harn can setup a data monitoring system to the level of automation/sophistication that the owner desires. Harn offers the services of helping the owner service their data for the life of the plant at no charge.

When cleanings or membrane replacements may be needed Harn engineers and technicians can help make sure the maintenance or service is appropriate and  cost-effective. Regular maintenance programs can be set up for scheduled instrument calibration and full skid profiling for a reasonable rate.

Services and maintenance can be provided for any membrane plant, even if it was not originally provided by Harn RO.

This quote below from Harn's Global Water Award summarizes our focus on customers, and our effort to strive to make every customer a long term relationship.

Global Water